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BMGT 458 - Adv Entrepreneurship Sem: Consumer and Demographic Information

Library Databases

A list of databases that will help with consumer behavior and marketing information.

Demographic and Census Data

Consumer Expenditure Survey - Consists of two surveys, the quarterly Interview Survey and the Diary Survey, that provide information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristics. The survey data are collected for the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau.



Consumer and Economic Information Center (CEIC) - This site is hosted by the Montana Department of Commerce.  The demographics and economics section of this site contains a wealth of information on the make-up of Montana citizens.

Under demographics, users can locate:

  • population estimates
  • poverty estimates
  • health insurance and
  • housing estimates.

Under economics, users can locate:

  • BearFacts (State and County Narratives); State and County Personal and Per Capita Income, Average Wage Per Job, Wage and Salary; Gross Domestic Product by State
  • Construction permits
  • County and Zip Business patterns
  • Local employment dynamics

Polling Information

Polling information can provide insight into how consumers feel about an issue or product.  Below are some polling resources.

Gallup - The Gallup Poll has built its reputation on delivering relevant, timely, and visionary research on what people around the world think and feel. Gallup Poll consultants assist leaders to identify and monitor behavioral economic indicators worldwide.

AP Poll - The AP surveys cover a variety of topics from pet care to baseball to voting and politics.